Monday, August 27, 2007

bag mallows

What is camping without toasting marshmallows? In the case of our camping trip, I found StrawberryMallows.

one mallow

They're berry-licious!


I was excited to see on the Kraft website that ChocoMallows are "coming soon"! 

I have uploaded all the pictures from our camping trip to my Gallery. Mostly pictures of Oscar standing around looking pleased with himself.


  1. Our version of this is to add sliced strawberries on top of the melted chocolate when assembling the smore. Tastes great and makes the smore "healthy".

  2. where my sister lives in mexico, she can *only* get bags of pink and white ones mixed! there are no bags of just white ones. isn't that funny?! she picks out the pink ones and only uses the white ones for rice krispie treats.

  3. oooh, wow! haven't seen those. i had chocomallows on my camping trip in july. they were soooo good. really chocolatey and yummy. mmm. did i mention how good they were?

  4. the mallows + choco fondue = woww~

  5. We've had the choco-mallows at our wal*mart all summer, but I hadn't seen those.

  6. I have to leave a comment on your google gadget.. I don't know where else to put this. :)

    Paletas are all the rage here! For the past few summers a local business ( has been making them in all sorts of crazy flavors. My personal favorites is chocolate chile, but there's tons other ones like mango chile, rosemary chocolate, banana nilla, cucumber melon.. they are really tasty!

    If you ever visit Raleigh/Durham, NC give them a try!

    I haven't tried the flavored marshmallows yet. Maybe next camping trip. :)

  7. MMM. Those strawberry mallows look so good! Looks like you guys had a blast, the pics are terrific, i especially LOVE the one of your little baby with his head turned sideways....we didnt make it camping this year, so i had to live vicariously through your pics LOL! glad you had a good time!

  8. Strawberry huh? I haven't come across any of those, but I am lovin the toasted coconut coated marshmallows in s'mores. So tasty!

    And Charlie, trying to make a s'more "healthy" is a highly punishable crime in our household :)

  9. charlie - that sounds good!

    anonymous - strawberry rice krispie treats might be good!

    carol & lady s - so the chocolate ones are out there!?

    carrie - I will keep that in mind!

    jen - coconut ones in smores sound good!