Thursday, July 10, 2008





I got this book on a whim and then couldn't put it down. I read it in three days, and those were days extremely busy with other stuff too. I was looking at a description of another Meyer's book saying "Her first adult novel!" and I thought "What?! What am I reading?" True enough some digging revealed that the Twilight series is a young adult collection... but I DON'T CARE! It's so good! I already started on the sequel. The movie comes out in December. I am there. A fourth book installement comes out Aug 2. It's reserved.



We took Aaron's mom to see the movie when she was in town and I nearly cried though the entire thing. It's wonderful, inspirational and these seniors' singing is something to hear!


The Darjeeling Limited

This came in Netflix and I loved it. The cineamatography, the quirkiness. Could have done without all the Natalie Portman nekkidness in the intro film though.


The Melting Pot

After eating at one in Detroit I have not been able to stop thinking about all that melted cheese and chocolate. It haunts me daily. We are driving to Buffalo to eat there this weekend!


  1. You are going to LUV the rest of the Twilight series. I want to hear all about it on the blog!

  2. The Twilight series is awesome! My friends and I are planning to go to the release party at our local B&N for the latest book August 1st. Her adult novel "The Host" is fantastic, too!

  3. You've finally joined the entire country in the "Twilight" epidemic. I started reading them last summer and it exploded into mainstream at the beginning of this year. I teach 6th grade and every girl in my class has plans to marry Edward. Enjoy the rest of the books.

  4. My teen daughter loves the Twilight series. She even made me read the first book. She's also made all her friends read the books too. I noticed at our local BN that they're going to have a "prom party" at midnight of the release date. Any ideas what a prom party is?

  5. So what are the books about exactly? I am intrigued...

  6. I just recently read the Twilight book my self due to my teenage daughter talking about her love for edward. she begged me to read it, and now I just got back from Barnes n nobles with the 3rd book eclipse !! I read the first 2 books in 5 days. I have never done that. This writer is amazing. I am so in love with bella and edward , i cant stop reading. We will be in chicago on August 1st and totally are planning to be at the breaking dawn wedding reception. Cant wait !!!

  7. OMG! love this book. i started listening to the audiobook during my commutes, then got the book. read more than half of it last night. will prob finish tonight! so good, so Young Adult!! and you do know who plays Edward in the movie, right? Robert Pattinson (aka. Cedric Diggory)! check out the trailer - i can't wait!

  8. jocelyn - I am almost finished with New Moon!

    lisa-marie - I am going on Aug 1st too... need to get The Host too, but not sure if it will measure up to Edward and Bella.

    andrea - I just think it means everyone dresses up in prom dresses

    sparklesparkle - it's about a girl who moves from Arizona to Forks, Washington and discovers some "unique" kids in her school, especially one in particular...

  9. oooer I just read Twilight and loved it to. I bought the sequel and read it straight away (didn't love it as much but it was good).

    It was so good. Yesterday I saw a woman on the train reading it and felt like talking to about how good it was. Funny how novels catch you like that.

  10. Want to go to the Twilight showing with me? I was planning on going alone since no one else I know locally has read that book.

  11. Note to self..must pick up tomorrow...hmmm...

  12. I had never heard of this book, but I added the "pieces of flair" application on facebook and there were TONS of Twilight flairs. Haha, now I know what it is. XD