Friday, December 5, 2008

Pug Summer

Aaron sent me this video Pug Summer and I loved it.

The kicking motion demonstrated by the pug is so true. Oscar does the same thing. Hold him over water and he automatically starts paddling away.

That's why Oscar wears a mini life preserver!

Kick kick kick kick. I would love to know how that guy got the pug to wear doggles!


  1. Cute video....well, except for the Speedos. I used to have a Lhasa that would also "swim" when above water in a pool. I have a suspicion most dogs do that.

  2. My Maltese, JJ does the same thing! It is quite hilarious to watch!

  3. my Sydney does over lakes but not over the bathtub!
    I saw the video this summer - I should have forwarded to you. Totaly makes me smile!