Sunday, August 23, 2015

Boating Canandaigua Lake

Today we took the boat out on Canandaigua Lake. It is about a half hour from Rochester and is the fourth largest of the Finger Lakes at 15 miles long.

We decided that we want to try and take the boat out on all the Finger Lakes so I'm starting to keep track. Lake Ontario isn't a Finger Lake but we boated there so I just wanted to note that.

The town of Canandaigua is at the north end of the lake and the town of Naples where we like to go for grapes in the fall is at the south end of the lake. I have heard that Canandaigua Lake has the cleanest water of all the Finger Lakes.

The tree covered hills along the shore make this one of the prettiest lakes to go boating on.

I bet it's a fantastic view in the fall when the leaves have turned color.

For supper on the boat we had cheese and charcuterie.

Oscar really enjoys being on the boat. Much more so than Hugo.

Maybe because he is old enough to drive the boat and Hugo isn't.

We were out long enough to catch a lake sunset.

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