Monday, August 24, 2015

Guilt marketing appreciated by pugs - Hungry Hound Beerscuits

I was walking around the Flour City Brew Fest carefree until I happened upon this sign at the Hungry Hound Beerscuits table. Sure enough, I instantly felt guilty about the two pugs at home, wondering where we were. I picked a bag of beerscuits for them. Clever marketing.

Oscar and Hugo were very glad we didn't come home empty handed. There isn't any beer in beerscuits. Beerscuits are made with recycled barley brewers grain. Plus they are made by hand locally in Conklin, NY. What ever it is about these treats, they were a hit with these pugs.

The boys loved them! They passed the sniff test. Some treats get the "sniff sniff no thanks" reaction. These Hungry Hound Beerscuits got "sniff sniff CHOMP".

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