Monday, January 15, 2001

Who's who
I do so love mail. I especially love email. And I really like email about my blog. I just got an email from Kristina who was curious about this "Aaron" person I mention in my posts. I have often wondered if it was confusing to randomnly mention people in my posts, without explaining who they are. So I added a cast of characters to my side info. I tried to list people that have shown up in my posts. Thanks Kristina!

I also liked the email from another fan of the kitchen shears! They mention that after snipping everything in their cupboard in half, for one brief moment they felt as though they had doubled their food supply. I must agree with them that kitchen shears snip through Krispy Kremes like a dream... but why on earth would you cut a Krispy Kreme? Surely not to share it!

My latest kitchen shear triumph was using them to snip up cubes of bread for fondue....(oh my thumb!)

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