Sunday, November 28, 2004

Some further reflection revealed that I have a growing fondness for... fawns. (not something you hear everyday) I bought a shirt in Toronto, largely because I liked the brand, Gentle Fawn. I do like their clothes... "a little bit of nature in the big city". But really I am into these gangly legged, adorable fawn logos. Gonna run out and rent Bambi.


  1. I like the clothes, they're pretty cute. Never heard of this brand so thanks for the link.

    That model's body is scary though. Pretty face but scary body and the freakiest part are those hip bones. *cringe*


  2. not quite so leggy, but check out dearie lou:

  3. off topic, but i thought you might enjoy these pictures of colin firth being doused in coffee. they're for a good cause, but i enjoyed them just the same.

  4. hey, i came across this from my friend scd at im the production manager for gentle fawn and i'm glad to know that you like our stuff!

    get in touch with me -

    later :) andrea