Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eating in Germany

Of course I cannot go without a post about the food I had in Germany. Each night I had a good ration of meat, cabbage and potatoes. Pictured here - red cabbage fried potatoes and some sort of 'wurst. I was disapointed it didn't hang off both sides of my plate like the last time.

Really I had enough meat to last a month. Although the menu said this was pork ribs, it was more like a mild slice of ham. With saurkraut and mashed potatoes.

This right here was the grandaddy of all meals. Pork knuckle. I was nervous to try it, but it wasn't all that unusual. And it was delicious! Standard saurkraut and potatoes were present also.

I imagine a lot of people would also consider beer another food group - especially the local specialty Kolsh. They serve it in small narrow glasses so it is always fresh. Some spots serve it from a round tray that hangs by a handle and this restaurant served it by the meter. I was fascinated by the graffiti on the meter servers.

Much to the disbelief of my dining companions, I did not partake of the K├Âlsch so I felt compelled to leave this note on one of the meters - "Ljc didn't have any beer, but Ljc was here"

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