Sunday, July 1, 2012

Baked crispy cheesy parmesean kale chips

When I was a waitress in college I had to take care of the salad bar. I have distinct memories of stuffing kale around the containers of dressing and chick peas to make it look nice. I didn't realize that it was something you could eat too. I seriously thought it was only a garnish. Last winter, Aaron made pasta with kale and it was so good. Then I read that you could roast it and it would be crispy like seaweed which I love.

It just takes a little olive oil and some salt and it really does get crispy like a chip! I also found a recipe for baked crispy cheesy parmesean kale chips and made them this afternoon. We really have a winner here.

It it is so worth it to make kale chips at home because in the store a small bag, and I mean small, like sandwich bag small, can cost $8! To make this I buy the big Wegmans bag of washed cut kale.

It is amazing to see how much a huge pile of kale shrinks down when you bake it. But kale has so many vitamins in it, it's great to think about how much goodness you are eating in each kale chip!


  1. I love making kale chips! Haven't tried it with parmesan, but I will now!

  2. Nanette - Our second batch we added some hot pepper flakes!