Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2013 To Do List

I was looking at my resolutions Things to do in 2011 and realized I'm still working on them.

1. roast a chicken - done Feb 2011

2. force bulbs - done Spring 2011

3. make a good homemade chicken soup - did this last week!

4. have friends over for dinner - ongoing

5. bake bread - this is up next! (the one pictured above is my mom's)

6. make a quilt - still want to do this!

7. grow an inside lemon tree - got the tree then used the lemon, there is another one growing now!

8. buy art for the house - done, inside and out!

9. raise happy bees - this is on hold for the classes to fit into our schedule

10. take a letterpress class - completed yesterday!


So taking what I haven't got to and adding on, here is a new list!

1. bake bread

2. make a quiilt

3. grow a cutting garden

4. glass etching

5. coffee brewing classes

6. bake the perfect whoopie pie

7. start an etsy shop

8. make paper

9. cross country skiing - weather cooperating

10. cake decorating class - I threw that in there because I'm already doing it! Why not?!


  1. Hurry up with that Etsy shop ;)
    ..no seriously....

  2. Great list!

    I'm surprised you don't have an Etsy shop already! I can't wait to see what you put in it. :)

  3. You have so many things already for that Etsy shop! You can be up and running in no time!