Thursday, October 17, 2013

More food in Switzerland

Here are a few other Swiss treats I have been missing since we got home. Paprika chips. They don't seem to taste like the spice paprika to me though. But they are tasty.

They even have Paprika Pringles.

While Aaron was enjoying Swiss beer, I had Apfel Schorle. It's basically apple juice and sparkling water!

There were many different brands and every restaurant carried it. I wish we had it in the states. It's a nice alternative to soda. I suppose I could make it myself.

Pretzels! There is a strong German influence in Switzerland so there were pretzels aplenty. Often times the pretzels were slice open and smeared with butter. Genius!

They also use preztels in Switerland to make sandwiches. Well, why not?! Why don't we do this?

Note the lil tube of mayonaise! Mustard also comes in tubes there. So cute.


  1. THat all looks so tasty. Was the schorle different from our sparkling cider, like Martinelli's?

  2. Love to get my hands on paprika pringles and cute idea for pretzel sandwhiches and tubes of condiments.

  3. Anonymous - Hmmm. Not quite as fizzy as sparkling cider.

    foodiechickie - the paprika pringles tasted differently than I expected.