Friday, November 22, 2013

Collecting: Vintage Stereoscope

I was going through some photos on my laptop and found this! My mom got me this stereoscope a couple years ago. According to an engraving on the bottom it is an H.C. White "Perfecscope" Stereoscope Viewer. I love it as I love all things vintage but I especially love the photographic aspect of it.

It came with a set of "Holyland Series" stereoscope cards/ stereo cards/ stereographs/ stereograms/ stereoviews/ stereo pairs. I would like to find some stereoscope cards of a subject I might find a bit more my style. I like these Niagara Falls cards.

I would also like to make my own stereoscope cards. I've found tutorials here and here. I like how these photographers were recreating scenes from old stereo cards. Stay tuned.

Also found while I was looking online:

I think it's interesting how some people are using stereo card images to create digital 3D images.

Did you know Hasbro's makes the My3D Viewer, a toy works with your iPhone and apps so you can view stereoscopic 3D images? A modern day stereoscope you might say.

UPDATE: Here are some of those stereo card images turned 3D images on Rochester Subway!

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