Saturday, November 23, 2013

Food Craze Hits Rochester: Cronuts

I am fascinated by food fads. When I hear that people are going crazy over a particular food I cannot help but constantly wonder how delicious it must be that such a large group of people agree on it's popuarity.

I remember back in 2006 Flaming Hot Cheetos were all the rage. Kids were "addicted" and schools were banning them. Even more interesting was the fact that they were squeezing lime juice over the cheetos before eating them. I would have no rest until I tried it myself. Yes... it was pretty tasty. They are still trying to ban them years later. Smart Cheetos came out with Flamin' Hot Cheetos with Lime.

It reminds me of the pickled limes in Little Women. They were all the rage in schools at the time. Amy, the youngest sister was crazy for them.

"Why, you see, the girls are always buying them, and unless you want to be thought mean, you must do it too. It's nothing but limes now, for everyone is sucking them in their desks in schooltime, and trading them off for pencils, bead rings, paper dolls, or something else, at recess. If one girl likes another, she gives her a lime. If she's mad with her, she eats one before her face, and doesn't offer even a suck."

I really need to try making them sometime. NOTE TO SELF: Pickled Lime recipe.

The current food craze is the CRONUT. They were invented by New York City chef Dominique Ansel, and when he first started selling them this year there were people waiting in line for hours to get them. You could only buy six at a time. Scalpers were reselling the $5 pastries for $40! Ansel trademarked the name in May so technically anywhere else they are not a "Cronut".

Oh, so what is a Cronut? It is a cross between a donut and a croissant. A magical combination of flaky layers and sweet glaze. Time Tech named the Cronut one of the 25 best inventions of 2013!

I heard they were making them at State Street Bakery this summer but everytime I went they were sold out. This morning I got a tweet-tip-off that there were cronuts to be had at Ridge Road Donut!

The classic hand-cut glazed is our donut of choice at Ridge Road but I had to try this! When we arrived at Ridge Road Donut I didn't see any signs for cronuts. I asked anyhow and the lady nodded, went to the back and came out with the beauty pictured above. They avoid the Cronut trademark issue by simply not advertising them! Hah!

It was, my friends, flaky and delicous. This is one food craze I can definitely get on board with.

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