Saturday, November 22, 2014

Makers gonna make

Today was Rochester Mini Maker Faire. I was excited right off the bat to get my MAKER badge.

Here is the Janda Made table set up with wares ready to go.

Tina was next to me with her Sweet & Cute goodies.

And Aprille was on the other side of us demonstrating her Storychick Papercrafts.

She was working right in her booth. A lot of people stopped by to watch her working and ask questions. I especially enjoyed watching her pop balloons.

As an extra I was making free* "I love to make... " pins at the Janda Made table. (*while supplies last) Guests could fill in what they love to make and I turned it into a button right there.

There were some really great buttons! I got a kick out of seeing what people wrote.

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