Friday, April 17, 2015

Birthday Frap - I hardly knew ye

A couple weeks ago, I started noticing pink colored Starbucks frappuccinos in people's Instagram feeds. They were being referred to as "Birthday Frappuccino". I blathered on to Aaron about them endlessly until he finally said we should go and get one.

We asked our local barista if they still had them and she said sure. What I picked up at the end of the counter however was topped with regular white whipped cream. "Oh. We are all out of the raspberry whipped cream" she told us. We tried again at another Starbucks and the same thing happened.

I checked online (something I should have done sooner) to find that yes, the Birthday Frap is supposed to have raspberry whipped cream but the Birthday Frap was a limited time drink from March 26 to 30 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Starbuck's frappuccino.

You might say that the only thing I was missing from the Birthday Frap was the raspberry whipped cream but let's stop and think about that. Raspberry whipped cream!

Cue sad trombone.

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