Saturday, November 21, 2015

Janda Made at Rochester Mini Maker Faire

For the first time, Aaron was able to join me for a Janda Made craft show!

We had a table at Rochester Mini Maker Faire where we sold bird feeders, bird houses and mason jar lamps. Aaron worked on lamps right at the table so people could watch.

We are makers!

I offered the free button making again.

It's fun to see what people put on their buttons.

We had a lot of fun seeing friends and meeting new people. And it was great doing a show together!


  1. Hi there...I have wanted one of your large gourd bird houses since you started making them...hoping you would have an easy account some day =) I think I have waited long enough don't you? ;)

    Can I buy one even though I live in Canada?...Pleeeease??
    Email me at