Wednesday, May 9, 2001

Horses on Parade

Tuesday we left the office and went out to the parking lot next to Frontier Field for free hotdogs. We had no idea why there were free hotdogs. Turns out we were unveiling our very own horse for "Horses on Parade".

I had wondered why I was seeing large strangely shaped tarp covered bundles around Rochester this week. Just as Boston has it's fish and Chicago has it's cows, we have our horses. The program was sponsored by High Falls Brewing Company (used to be Genesse Brewing Co.) across the street from work. There will be 150 fiberglass horses all around town. All proceeds are going to charity.

I like 'em. Some people (joel...again) think it's not "art", that it's completely commercial. That doesn't really concern me. I just like seeing them around. When I go to other cities that have animals on parade sculpture I try to have my picture taken each one I stumble across.

I heard from Tina that the horses apparently are quite "anatomically correct", but I will make no comment on that.

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