Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Happy Halloween!

I am wearing my pumpkin suit in the office today. Wth my newly cut armholes I can just reach the keyboard.

It's hard to pay attention to someone in a meeting when they are dressed as a clown.

We had Munchkins and cider this morning and will have cake this afternoon when we announce the winners of the costume contest.

Here are the top ten Halloween costumes I have had in my life.

What was your favorite costume?

Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Card Carrying Member

There is a strip of highway between my apartment and Aaron's that is maintained by the Tall Club of Rochester. Two miles of highway, cleaned by tall people.

Aaron decided to call them. The height limit for men is 6'2" and for women it is 5'10". The woman who Aaron talked to said she is 5'10" thus making her a "squeaker"... one who barely makes the requirements. Since Aaron is 6'4" he can join free and clear.

I find this amazing. Do these people really need a club? I admit that adolesence can be rough when you are unusually tall, but once you get past that the world is your oyster. You can see everything at the concerts, no worries your view at the movie theatre will be blocked. It has been proven that tall people get more respect in job interviews, meetings, classrooms and so on and so forth.

What do they do in their meetings? I picture them sitting around knitting really long socks and singing that Randy Newman song "Short People".... "Short people got no reason to live.. They got little hands.. Little eyes.. They walk around.. Tellin' great big lies.. They got little noses.. And tiny little teeth.. They wear platform shoes.. On their nasty little feet"

I did a search for a Short Club of Rochester and Google came up with the Rochester Juggling Club. What does that mean? My 5 foot nothing self is going to start a short club.

Monday, October 29, 2001


Abby sent me some pictures from her Halloween party. One clearly demonstrates how... if I sit down, I can disappear inside my pumpkin suit.

Joel said I look more like a tomato.

Clean Choppers

I had a dentist appointment this morning. Just a cleaning, but of course I brushed and flossed before I left. Like cleaning the house before the cleaning lady comes.

Everything looked good, but the hygenist told me I was brushing too hard and it was pushing my gums up. What a horrible mental picture. I know she is right though. My toothbrush looks mangled even after a few days. My mom used to leave notes on my toothbrush that said "Please release me... let me go... I don't want to be your toothbrush anymore...." (like the Engelbert Humperdinck song)

I was sure the dentist was going to talk about getting rid of my wisdom teeth again (I still have all four), but he didn't so I grabbed my freebie toothbrush and ran.

Keep looking

When I made the offer on the house yesterday, I didn't mess around with any sort of bargaining. I offered what I thought it was the house was worth and what I was willing to pay. The owner came back with a counter offer that just didn't appeal so it's back to the drawing board.

I am disapointed of course, but I also think maybe it's a sign... I could find something better. The entire process was a good thing though... I am quite prepared for the next time.

Sunday: House Hunting

Today we went to look at a house I have had my eye on for some time. I took along Aaron, Joel, Lara, Tina and Chuck. I wonder what the agent thought when we all trooped through the house.

I really liked it so I made an offer in the afternoon. We'll see what happens.

Saturday: Pumpkin Suit

I decided I wanted to be a pumpkin for Halloween. So after a night of wrestling with 1/2 inch foam, orange fleece, green felt and the sewing machine, this was what I came up with (back view). I was rather pleased with my roly poly self.

I wore my pumpkin costume to Abby's Halloween party Saturday evening. It gets really toasty warm inside that pumpkin. And because the pumpkin was so smooth and round I couldn't bring myself to cut the arm holes. I either had Aaron feed me the goodies Abby set out or I actually held a little plate of food inside the pumpkin and ducked down into it turtle-like to eat.

I think I will have to cut the arm holes in it when I wear it to work on Wednesday. I am afraid people will push me down (Joel) and I won't be able to get back up.

Friday, October 26, 2001

A Mere Flesh Wound

Sarah pointed me to the Lego Studio where they have little movies enacted by Lego characters. By far the best was Lego Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

I know they have Star Wars Legos too, so I am just waiting for the Lego Star Wars movie.

Cartoon Me

I have always thought my sister Emily bore a striking resemblance to Emily the Strange (left). I always wanted a cartoon character that looked like me and I think I found her.

I think if I were a cartoon, I would be BonBon (right).

So forget about looking like Michelle Branch. I actually look like Bon Bon. And she rides a cool scooter.

Thursday, October 25, 2001


Oooh Ahhh Ahhh. Yesterday afternoon I was extremely sleepy. I blamed it on the turkey sandwich I had for lunch. (Joel said "You ate turkey? I don't feel bad for you. You could fall asleep driving home and I would not feel bad for you."

In order to wake myself up, I walked up the back stairs to the 7th floor. Quickly. After that and some fresh air outside, I felt much better. Today however, my legs are quite sore. I have been dormant lately and that sudden burst of exercise took its toll. Each time I shift positions in my chair... oooh oooh ahhhh ahhhh ouchy. This causes Joel to laugh.


What is he trying to look at? Oooooh and looky! Mini cocktail wienner dog!

Lucky trash

Restoration Hardware has the coolest looking trash can, the Space Boy Trash Can. (Why is it space "boy"?) I really want this. I love all space-related stuff, and this is excellent.

I wonder though if it has a weird feeling about it, as though you are planning to launch all your trash to the moon. That would not be politically correct.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

The Best of Russian Technology

Every once in awhile I get mailings from the Lomo people. The latest product they have come up with is a result of leftover Russian technology. A night vision tool called the Elf Nightvision Device. At $250 it is a pretty expensive toy.

I also found on their site these cool Fotoclips. You use them to connect your photographs into structures. So cool, even s**tcan Joel liked them. The testimonials such as Enrique are a little unsettling though. Lomo seems to be very good at pushing the limits. What other company would write "What the hell is Lomography?" on their homepage? Those crazy Russians.

Even though I already have one of the Action Sampler cameras, I would like to get the special Halloween edition Super Spooky Sampler Set. Ok I came very close to ordering it! But I resisted! I am on a buying freeze... what with an impending house purchase and approaching holiday shopping. A monumental accomplishment for me.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Sweater for your feet

JCrew now has the coolest clogs. They come in all sorts of fabrics like those pictured above...Wool knit (like a sweater), Houndstooth, Corduroy, Suede (with cute little bow), Wool, and Herringbone (with cute little buckles).

My favorite is the wool knit. They look so warm and cozy. Not only do clogs make me a couple inches taller but they are easy to slip on and off for toe stretching.

Monday, October 22, 2001


As much as I love reading the comments I have been getting, it is driving me nuts trying to figure out who the mystery readers are. "Bunny" and "Bunns of Funn" leave pleasant enough comments... but who are they! Everyone I look at I think.... are youuuuu "Bunny"?! I was convinced it was Aaron being clever, but after hours of torture and interagation, I don't think it's him.

Lessons Learned

Things I learned this weekend. Olive oil is good for roasting pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin pie tastes just as good the next day.


When my Third Annual Pumpkin Carving Party was over and I had a room of stuffed bellies and several ghoulish glowing pumpkins, I considered it a success.

Pictured here are the pumpkins Aaron and I carved. Note that I carved myself on my pumpkin. An Ljc pumpkin. Is that self-absorbed?


The day before a social event, I am a force to be reckoned with. I completely cleaned my apartment and went shopping for the supplies needed to make pumpkin pie, artichoke dip, mexicali dip, bbq weenies, and mulled cider.

I got a huge spice mulling ball at Williams Sonoma and I didn't care how warm out it was going to be, by golly people were going to drink mulled cider.

Friday, October 19, 2001


At bellydance class one of the girls approached me and told me I looked just like Maverick's new recording artist, Michelle Branch. She had just seen her CD at Barnes and Noble.

I have never met anyone that looked like me before. I guess my Korean mother and American as apple pie father created a sort of unique mix. I was curious so I looked her up on the web.

On her web site were some publicity shots (first two pics). Ok...there were similarities, but I didn't think I looked like her. (She looked much better than me) Then I found some more casual shots (last three pics). Without the professional lighting, make up and poses... well there was a big difference. I really do look like her in the casual shots.

Those of you who know me will see how much we look alike. Those of you who don't know me.... well you will have to take my word for it. Actually my sister looks even more like her.

I found her background in an FAQ. [Question: I can't help but wonder what your ethnicity is. Would you mind telling us? Answer: Well, I get that question a lot! I'm Dutch-Indonesian and French on my mother's side and Irish on my dad's.] There you go. I get that question a lot too.

I hope she becomes magnificently famous! Maybe then she will cross over to motion pictures and will need a stand in!


I can't understand a word on Mobacana's page, but Mobacana has linked to me, so I added Mobacana to my "Friends of Friends" list

A little smackerel

Uhhhh HELLO!... this dog is just thinking "Mmmmm bite-sized snack!"

Easy as pie.

Martha sent me an email about Pumpkin Pie... she wrote... Dear Jennifer, The perfect pie is a quintessential part of almost every holiday. Our favorite pumpkin pie captures the finest flavors of fall and makes a delicious finale to any seasonal feast. Our Perfect Pie Kit will help make this year's pies the best ever. - Martha

I can't agree more. (Although I don't know if it is absolutely necessary to use the word "quintessential" to describe pie) I also know that if there is one thing in the world Tina can't resist, it is a pumpkin pie. So I will be make one for my Third Annual Pumpkin Carving Party. She will say I am cruel and an eating enabler, but she will thank me later.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

Never enough

I am going to Lara's Tupperware party tonight. I love the specialty containers they make. I have the triangle shaped pizza slice keeper and half sphere container for half an onion that hangs in your fridge. I'm curious to see the new products.

Whenever I mention the party to Aaron he groans. I have a cupboard in my kitchen, that when he opens it, Tupperware falls out on him. But no matter. I have my eye on a lid keeper. You can never have enough Tupperware.

Nice knowing you pumpkin.

This weekend some pumpkins are going to die. I am going to have my Third Annual Pumpkin Carving Party. There is a Pick Your Own Pumpkin Patch down the road from my place where we choose our victims. As we carve up our pumpkins we will feast on their innards (roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin pie) and other snacks. Next week I will have pictures of our efforts.

Wednesday, October 17, 2001


I am wondering who posted the Bunny Adoption Fair link in my guestbook. Ahhh bunnies. Who wants me to move to LA? Maybe a herd of lonely bunnies!

Danger Window

I can't believe Joel hasn't blogged about it yet himself, but they just got a minivan. Ah yes, they are officially "there". All they need is the golden retreiver. At any rate, we were discussing how the minivan has the remote control door locks and so on. We started talking about how some windows have a feature that by pressing the window control a certain way, the window will automatically come down without you having to hold the button down the entire time.

I told Joel that my car will do that for putting the window up too. "Impossible", he tells me. "That is incredibly dangerous", he tells me. "Perhaps he is right", I think, imagining all the innocent fingers that could be crunched by my car window. So this morning while I am waiting at a red light, I press and hold my window control button for two seconds and release. *bzzzzzz* it comes down. Nervously I press and hold the up button and release. *bzzzzzzzzz* OH NO! My car window does that incredibly dangerous thing!

"Well this can't be", I think. It must have some sort of sensor so ones fingers won't be pinched. It can tell if there is an obstacle and will reverse, I am sure. At the next light, I take a little rubber alien that has been riding in my cup holder and hold him in the path of my window. *bzzzzzzzzz - SQUISH!!!* Ahhh ahhh! I fumble with the buttons and release the alien. I inspect him for damage.

My car window does an incredibly dangerous thing. Watch out.

link updates

So friend/ex-coworker/ex-blogger Natalie is blogging again. I have added her to my flogs list with the recent addtion of Cindy. Seeing as how I have met Squibnocket in person I felt that she should be moved to the flogs list also.

As for the "links to me" list I took off a few blogs that now no longer exist (or moved without my knowledge), and added a couple blogs that I have discovered that link to me. I am also renaming that list as "Friends of Friends". Because that's what it is. People that I have never met, but I know through the web or through other people. Excitement!


I highly recommend you take a look at Harvey, the Pet of the Day.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

I need a spa day

I am exhausted. I am exhausted because I spent the day helping other people relax. We had our Spa Day at work today. When people weren't getting a professional massage, we were giving them hand treatments and facials. There is nothing like directing your GM on how to use Salt Scrub Souffle and hand cream.

We got tons of praise and as I always say "raise" is part of praise, so it was all worth it. Noooo just kidding... it was great to see everyone enjoying themselves. And the EAT team now has official aprons. Aaron helped me iron on the E.A.T. team logos last night. They are not helping Matt reach that level of masculinity he has been shooting for, but they are cool none the less.

Monday, October 15, 2001

There are little things in life that make you question your intelligence. I mean, I know I'm not a genius but... well ok so I pronounce avocado and foliage wrong... but anyhow.

I thought the trunk remote control to my car was broken. No matter how hard I pushed the button, the trunk wouldn't pop. I held the remote right up next to the trunk and clicky click click... nothing.

So I tell Aaron it's broke...
"Look it won't open!!" *clicky click click*
"You're pointing it wrong."
"You're pointing wrong!"
"What do you mean?!"
"I mean you are pointing it wrong. Look, point it at the dash."
"Point it at the dash, that's where the sensor is."
"What?!" (pointing) *click* *pop*
"But I... When did it... How come..."

I dunno, I got it to work for a year and then all of a sudden, dumbness set in.

You know what I love? I love it when a driver waves you ahead of them... and then they pull out anyhow. That's really great.
I just added the blogback comment feature. Now Joel can s**tcan my posts one by one! Ha ha. Oh just kidding. Uhhh I think this only works on IE. Or maybe it doesn't work on this version of Netscape. At any rate... give it a try.
Second Thoughts

Between reading about Joel's adventures in plumbing and his ongoing fight with falling leaves do I really want to pursue this plan of home ownership? *pause* YES! Aaachh, I can hardly sleep at night. The thoughts of curtain hanging and flower planting flood my brain til the wee hours. I can't wait to peruse the paint chips at the hardware store. I visualize a real live laundry room with a shelf for my fabric softener. Imagine if I had a house by Christmas.. I could get a REAL tree! And lights! Christmas lights!

But I must be calm. I have a habit of going full speed once I get an idea in my head. I have spoken with a real estate agent and contacted a mortgage broker. They should sufficiently reel me in and guide me along. Welcome mats! Area rugs! Storm windows! *pant pant*

Sunday, October 14, 2001

Open House

Aaron went with me today to look at houses for sale. We saw every level of decor possible, from newly remodeled to rooms with strange shiny reflective with velvet patterned wall paper.

After several houses they all start to blend together. 3 bdrm, 1.5 bth, 2 gar, blah blah blah. Errrgggh.


This afternoon we went to Tina's sister Sherri's wedding. What a perfect day they had. Sherri is a dance instructor, so all her friends were out on the dance floor. The rest of us were afraid to step out there for fear of looking pathetic. They were amazing. They made it look like a movie wedding. I think when I get married I will hire professional ballroom dancers to come and dance around.

I must say I was disapointed in the amount of presents. There were lots of cards, but only one other present sat on the table with ours. Is it becoming more traditional to give money or send the present before or after the wedding? Hmmmfff. I want lots of gifts to open. Isn't that the point of getting married?

Friday, October 12, 2001

Click here to find out what robot you really are

Miss Roboto

I took the Robot test too and I got Rachel from Bladerunner. Funny thing because when I got to the "turtle in the desert" question I turned to Joel and asked him if he knew that was from Bladerunner (love that movie).

I was sure I would get R2D2. We are both short and chirpy. Always being tormented by a tall know-it-all robot.

But I am pleased to be Rachel. She did end up with Harrison Ford after all. Ooops you have already seen that movie right?

Home Sweet Home

I have decided to buy a house. I really like it here... my job, my friends, the area. Joel says the shopping sucks but until he has lived in middle of nowhere Pennsylvania where there isn't even a Starbucks, I really don't want to hear about it. Besides, Toronto, aka shopping heaven, is only a few hours away.

So I know I want to be here for awhile and my apartment is getting smaller and smaller. I just want a cute little house... a fixer upper (Aaron isn't taking that woodworking class for nothing) that I can fix up and then sell for a little more later on. The search for a house begins. It is a scary thing. People start mentioning all the words that up until now you have been able to ignore... mortgage, finance rate, closing costs. I don't think all my years of shoe shopping experience has prepared me for this.

Thursday, October 11, 2001


The local news always amuses me. Last night they showed a story on how swarms of ladybugs are covering the houses of local residents. The weatherman confirmed that the change in weather caused this. Apparently ladybugs are gathering in groups to decide where to go for winter.

I like ladybugs. The ladybugs are welcome to come and hang out at my place to discuss their vacations plans. I can hear it now... Ladybug #1 - "How about Cancun? I just got the cutest little bikini!" Ladybug #2- "No no, Hawaii! I hear it's lovely this time of year."

There was also a story about a group of white deer that might be scooted off the land they are living on here in Rochester. They are the world's only group of white deer. The entire world. I thought that was amazing.

I was shocked by the latest hijinx of Bert. What on earth are you doing Bert? I mean really!

Thank goodness I did watch the news last night... or else I wouldn't have known that the first episode Survivor Africa was on tonight.

September has been found.
Wait a minute. I just looked at ev's page and he is missing September also. Then I found someone else in the help pages with a missing September. What's going on?
Lost month

As I was looking at my archives, I just realized that September was missing. Because I didn't blog on the first or the last day of the month, the system won't create a link to it. So I added one. It was a good month!

Scent Ball

We (the EAT team... employee activities, yes it repeats, we know) just bought a Scent Ball for Spa Day. Ah... let me back the truck up here.

Next Tuesday we are having a Spa Day at work. The largest conference room is scheduled for the event. There will be hand treatments (parafin wax. salt scrub, lotions), a head tingler (ahhh head tingler), soothing Enya-like music, water fountains, two professional masseuses giving five minute massages, fresh fruit, and aromatherapy. Hence the need for the Scent Ball. You drip aromatic oil on cotton strips and insert them into the Scent Ball. When you plug it in it miraculously emits the aroma (it heats up).

We found it on sale at the Body Shop. The oil we got is Pumpkin Nectarine.I tested it out in a smaller meeting room. Pumpkin Nectarine is wonderful. I wanted to eat the cotton strip. I now have to go back and get one for my apartment.

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Scary Martha

Martha sure does love Halloween. I realized that last year when I got her special Halloween Holiday Issue of her magazine. I also picked up her Spooky Scary Sounds CD. This year she has an entire book of Halloween ideas.

But she wasn't too busy to send me an email. This time she showed me how to make cute gourd string lights, celestial pumpkins (in no way affiliated with Anne Heche) and treat bags.

I wonder if I could go as Martha for Halloween?

Tuesday, October 9, 2001


So I just changed my background picture to the word "boo". It took Joel all of two seconds to go the page and stretch out the window horizontally so that the background picture repeated and spelled out "boob". Then he extended the window across both his screens so it said "boobooboob". I went and changed it immediately.

Sometimes it pays to have friends with plotting minds.


The past couple weeks I have been watching my page hits fall. Yesterday I got one fourth the amount of hits I did two mondays ago. I couldn't figure out why. Was it something I wrote? No... same old shtick. Did someone take me off their list of links? No same links.

All I could figure was my hits started to drop October first when I changed my page design. Is it that ugly? Or maybe it's unreadable on a certain browser on a certain platform? Something is going on , so I changed the design slightly. I will see if it has any effect.

Monday, October 8, 2001

I love fall

Autumn somehow snuck up on me. I've been checking the calendar for the First Day of Fall all month. It wasn't until I looked back at September that I realized I missed it. (First Day of Fall... September 22nd)

Regardless of when it arrived I have been thoroughly enjoying the season. I have been picking apples and baking cookies. Today my nail polish is bronze and my eye shadow a rusty brown to match my pumpkin orange sweater.

Here are some other things I love about Autumn.... Top Ten Things About Fall.


A chilly room and a warm bed increases the difficulty of getting up in the morning tenfold.

Sunday, October 7, 2001

Couch Time

After several weeks of being uncommonly busy, I spent the day becoming reaquainted with my couch. The only events scheduled today were cookie baking, magazine reading and couch lounging.

I did get several constructive things done today. I started my Christmas shopping list and stared at the supplies I bought for my Halloween costume. But that started to tucker me out so I stopped. I recommend a couch day for everyone.


After eating several pounds of apples in record breaking time, we were ready to go apple picking again today. Apples go especially quick when you slice them up, cover them with brown sugar and cinnamon and bake them.

We met Joel, Lara and Hannah at the orchard and hopped on the wagon again to head out to the day's pickin' trees. This time we were picking a little later in the day and were almost left out in the orchard. Thankfully we were picked up by the wagon making it's final sweep.

Clever things said by Hannah: #1 "How much of your sandwich did you eat today Hannah?" "Ahhhh... plenty!" #2 "How much of your applesauce did you eat?" "Ummm... this much." (indicates the amount between her forefinger and thumb) Heh heh.

Friday, October 5, 2001


Oh, if only I could squeeze myself into baby clothes. Look at these little booties someone sent Joel and Lara. They are foot cozies. Mmmmmm. Zutano makes some especially snuggly looking outfits.

I really like the hats with ears too. I did get a snowcap with little ears in Toronto for the winter. But it isn't as soft as these look.

Then again, if I did have outfits that were this comfortable I would probably be falling asleep all the time.

Happy Happy Birthday to Greta today!

Our group went for a "happy business lunch" at a Japanese restaurant to celebrate some of our recent work. I am full as a toad now. Warm sweater + full tummy = sleepy.

Apparently my link to Morning Glory was broken. Try it again.

Thursday, October 4, 2001


I was also perusing the Morning Glory website at the urging of Squibnocket. I particularly liked the character Coonie. Then I read her bio.

"Cooni is a lonely chick. She lost her mother in a deep forest when she was a baby. Since then, a piece of egg is the only thing that reminds her of her beloved mother. She always put it on her head whenever she goes out, because it's the only way that Cooni's mother would be able to recognize her. Although Cooni is lonely, she never loses hope. There are bright golden sunrays to light up her future."

That is the saddest little cartoon character I have ever met.

New Blog and Cartoons

I was very pleased to read on Tina's blog that another ex-coworker/friend. (ex coworker only...not ex friend... still a friend that is... you know what I mean) has started a blog. Today Cindy blogged about the animations of Don Hertzfeldt.

Tina talks about his animation "Billy's Balloon" all the time. I have never seen it, and I can't find anywhere that I could see it. I was very excited to check out the little clips Cindy wrote about.

They were disturbing. Some funny. Mostly disturbing. Red blood is very bright on a black and white stick figure cartoon.

Wednesday, October 3, 2001


I am trying to convince Joel and Lara to name the twins Eloise and Madeline. Isn't that a great idea?

I love both of these storybook characters. Eloise lives in the Plaza Hotel with her pug and her turtle. Madeline... well, she gets to live in Paris. They are both very cool.

Recently I purchased small tins of Eloise pink lemonade and Eloise pink cocoa. There is even more character merchandise that I have my eye on. Think of the possibilites with two girls named after these two! One could completely decorate their rooms in Eloise and Madeline paraphenalia.

And then I will write and illustrate a childrens book about a little girl named Hannah, so she won't feel left out.

Just something to think about.

Tuesday, October 2, 2001


Yahoo is pink today for breast cancer awareness. So I take it pink is the official color of the Cause. I guess I should have figured that out with the Pink Kitchen Aid mixer. (note to self...must aquire pink mixer)

I have been snatching Joel's pink Yoplait Yogurt lids to send in. Yoplait is donating 10¢ for each lid they get. He sort of s**tcanned it stating that 10¢ a lid wasn't much, but he has been handing them over at lunchtime regardless. I figure it's better than nothing. I just need to collect more than it would cost for the stamps to mail them.

Monday, October 1, 2001


Ah yes, it is one of my favorite times of the year. Since it has turned October, my mind is filled with plots and plans for Halloween. As you can see I changed my blog design to something a little spookier. If you like my banners, you might like my desktop pics. (I have pictured a sceenshot of my double monitor with two of the pics... but of course it is a little hard to see, use your imagination) The pics are just small 300 x 300 gifs. Just make your background a solid black and select these as your desktop pic in "appearance" and make sure it is "centered on screen" not "fill screen" or it will be blown up too big. That is how you do it on a mac. I know nothing about PC's. Mwah- ah -ah -ah.

Get them here.... bats..... spider..... pumpkins..... boo desktop pictures.


Boy did I sleep terrible last night. Couldn't fall asleep. Woke up early.. couldn't get back to sleep. Bleah. This is especially troubling, because if there is one thing I do well, it's sleep.