Saturday, June 22, 2002

Day at the Zoo

My parents and sister came up for the weekend, so we went sightseeing. First we went to the Lockport Cave and Underground Boat Ride. Then we went to the Buffalo Zoo.

Aaron thought the zookeepers gave all the animals warm milk before we got there because most of them were snoozing in the sun. We still got a good look at the lions, bears, elephants and whatnot. Dad looked like he was on safari with his new hat.

There were two particularly funny incidents. The first was when we went into the bird complex and were ambushed. The birds looked so cute and colorful sitting on the handrail. Next thing we knew they were crawling on our shoulders, nibbling on our ears. Felt like a Hitchcock film.
The other thing was watching the elephants trying to eat the trees on the other side of a fence they couldn't reach over. One particularly clever elephant went and got his ball and rolled it over to the fence so he could stand on it and reach the yummy leaves. Other than the bird attack we had a pretty good day at the zoo.

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