Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Mystery candy bushes

The past couple weeks I have noticed a lot of bushes in front of peoples houses with big pastel colored blooms. I thought they were fake, the flowers were so big and cotton candy colored. Light blue, pink and lavender. Some bushes had both pink and lavender snowball shaped blooms.

I had no idea what they were. I know rhodedendrons, clematis, and lilacs, but I had never seen these before. I asked several people what they were and received puzzled looks in return. I was starting to drive Aaron nuts everytime we were in the car... we drive past a mystery bush... I begin muttering to myself.

This morning on a whim, I asked Joel if he knew what they were and he said " I know about one kind of plant and that just happens to be it... they are hydrangeas."

Relief! The mystery flower revealed. Now as to how the hydrangea came to be the sole tidbit of Joel's horticultural knowledge... that is another question.

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