Wednesday, April 23, 2003

As Seen on TV

We have a TV in the office lunchroom, so we see a lot of commercials at noon. The most popular one recently being an infomercial for The Chef Wizard, a whisk/tongs utensil. We crack up when the lady uses it to pick up a penny, an egg, some salad, and then sticks it directly back in the drawer. You don't even have to wash it....hah!

When I saw a knock off at the Wegmans, a Whisk Grip & Flip Express, I couldn't resist. There were two miracle tools in each box... one for me, and one for Tina. I can attest, that it does indeed pick up eggs very nicely. Tina said she used hers to pick up a small piece of chocolate. We can now throw away all our other kitchen utensils!

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