Sunday, May 6, 2007

yard sale

Here are a few more goodies I got at the yard sale yesterday. 

Three vintage cookbooks ($1 each) and a small vintage Pyrex frying pan with removable handle ($4!). 

I am so pleased with myself.


  1. I just got a vintage better homes & garden cookbook, too!!! at a church rummage sale. It is AWESOMELY hilarious. I'm gonna have to keep my eyes peeled for more of these. I put some of the pictures and recipes from it up on my blog this morning. They were just so good I had to share.

  2. I have been collecting vintage cookbooks and recipe files for a few years now. They are the best - although I had to promise my husband i would not actually make any recipes from them. Some of them are quite interesting.

  3. Where in the world do you store all of your fun collections?? Your house looks so cute (from previous pictures) and totally uncluttered. I think your Pyrex alone would fill my entire (large) apartment!

    Does Aaron also have collections? Because if so, you guys must have a separate house just for all your stuff.