Saturday, September 13, 2014

North Winton Village Festival of the Arts

Storychick (Aprille), Sweet & Cute (Tina) and JandaMade (me) banded together and peddled our wares at the North Winton Village Festival of the Arts today.

The JandaMade spread.

I had a new batch of mason jar bird feeders to sell.

I tried some new covers using melamine bowls instead of pot lids.

Also with slightly different bottoms.

I have a skillset that makes me especially suited to making mason jar bird feeders. My hand fits inside the jars.

Sweet & Cute goodies such as coffee syrup and pumpkin spice sugar cubes.

The day turned out to be unseasonably cold and rainy but Aaron saved our butts by bringing us a propane heater. There were a few moments of sunshine here and there.

Long enough for me to dart out and get a selfie with a patrol horse.

It was a tough day for selling with the weather but I still had fun hanging out with my peeps!

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