Saturday, July 31, 2010

More dogs...

More dogs of Chautauqua...

Double the cute.

Oscar in Chautauqua!

And one shaved cat.

Friday, July 30, 2010

More bikes...

More bikes of Chautauqua...

More bikes...

More bikes of Chautauqua...

Well this is actually a scootery thing.

Love the green.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dogs of Chautauqua

The one thing I love more than the bikes at Chautauqua are the dogs at Chautauqua.

They all seem to be having a pretty good time here.

My friend Paulette took this pic for me.

I am particularly enamoured with this basset hound that belongs to the newpaper editor.

sniff sniff sniffy sniff


Those ears are awesome.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bikes of Chautauqua

There is limited car access to the grounds at Chautauqau, hence the popularity of bikes.

I haven't seen this many bikes since I was in the Netherlands.

And seeing them all really makes me want a bike.

Not just any bike. I have a mountain bike. i want a old fashioned simple bike with fenders, a basket and a bell.

A bike you tool up and down the neighborhood on.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tandem Bike

Aaron stopped by to spend the night at Chautauqua and while he was at the house he found this tandem bike! I was a little nervous about riding it but he would have no rest until we took it out for a spin.

I can't see much other than his back, but it really was fun. I have heard it is unsettling to give up control when you are the back seat rider, but it wasn't too bad. The only problem I had is when I was pedaling like mad and he would suddenly stop pedaling. My feet would slip off the pedals and fumble around which was a bit annoying. I kinda want one now!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chautauqua house

I am at Chautauqua this week for work and we are staying in a house that we rented.

I love the colors the rooms are painted!

They are right up my alley! I feel so at home.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Patterned glass containers

We have been using glass containers for lunches and leftovers for awhile now. We needed some more so I was thrilled when I saw these at Fishes Eddy AND they had cute patterns on them. They look vintage, I think.

My mom just scored one of these As Seen on TV Smart Spin Storage Systems for me also and I am enjoying the "slide, spin and store" action.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Cantaloupe Parfaits

When we saw my parents last weekend they brought us three super ripe cantaloupe. I swear the cantaloupe they get back home from local farms taste sweeter than any melon I have bought in a store.

I used one of those cantaloupe to make these melon parfaits. They turned out pretty good despite the fact I messed up. Here is a tip when you are using a recipe from a blog post. Take a moment and read the comments first, because if there are any mistakes in the recipe others will point it out and that can be extremely helpful. Might prevent you from doing something like mixing yogurt with cantaloupe when you were supposed to add lemon juice.

But like I said they still turned out okay. The recipe called for a mixture of yogurt and honey. I was pretty happy to use some of the giant jar of honey my grandma gave me. It was my grandfather's... he loved honey as much as I do.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Coleman Campsite

Yup - here is another camping post. Can you tell I'm trying to hang onto last weekends camping trip as long as possible?

On another camping post Gab left me a comment telling me about Coleman's iPhone apps. I had to download them right away.

There is a camping meal planner, a "virtual" lantern and a collection of campfire stories. The Coleman Campsite also has cool stuff like desktop wallpapers.

I downloaded those too.

The more I looked at my camping pictures the more I realized we are huge Coleman fans. We have a lot of Coleman camping stuff!

We have Coleman lanterns, a dog bed, tent, dog sleeping bag, canoe and campstove! Clearly we love Coleman.

I poked around some more and found Coleman on Twitter and Facebook. They are also on YouTube with these funny videos explaining that the Coleman Campsite is probably the foundation to Social Networking!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pet of the Week

I don't know if her name is Figi as in like figgy (like the fruit) or fiji (like the island) but either way it's cute!

Figi #10530215

Figi is a 2-year-old female cat. She’s a petite girl, weighing just over 6 pounds. She was abandoned at Lollypop Farm with her four kittens. Figi’s kittens have all been adopted, so now it’s her turn! She has the cutest chirp, is very affectionate and loves attention. Figi is one of our Featured Felines: Purrfectly Patient! From now through Sunday, adopt her for just $25, or any other cat, 5 months or older, who has been here from more than a month! Come meet Figi today! - Lollypop Farm

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Giant Marshmallows

I froze in the middle of Wegmans when I spied these GINORMOUS marshmallows! Campfire Giant Roasters.

I was counting down the days until we went camping and I could try these babies out. They are almost as big as my head!

Ok maybe they aren't the size of my head, but they are big! Look at it!

They toast up really well. Next up I will be trying them with smores and other campfire delights. Watching me eat one of these is delightful I'm sure. I was a big gooey glub glub mess. By glub glub I mean my mouth was so full of marshmallow "glub" was the only noise I could make.

On a side note, I just got this big jar from Fishes Eddy on sale just for storing my marshmallows and can't decide if I want to mix the giant marshmallows in with the regular sized ones. Decisions, decisions.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pet of the Week

Grizzly #10891812

Grizzly is a 9 year old Lab/Chow Chow mix. Right now, he looks more like a little lion than a dog! To help keep him cool in the summer heat, his coat has been closely trimmed and the longer hair on his head looks like a lion’s mane. He is 44 pounds of determined power, and will need an experienced owner that knows how to handle a willful dog. He isn’t bad on a leash; he just wants to lead the way. A home with children over the age of 12 is recommended. If you are interested in Grizzly, come prepared with questions for the adoption counselors. He is a cute boy, but to make this a great match, do your homework so you know what to expect from his breed mix. Figi, the cat from last week, is still available for adoption. - Lollypop Farm

Campsite Cairns

I was at it again at the campsite - setting up mini cairns.

I like setting them up by the water.

Multiple cairns!

Some geese came by to see what I was up to.

I think they were pretty impressed.

"Hey guys! C'mon over here and look at these rocks!"