Monday, March 14, 2016

Vintage Charm inspired by Vintage Pyrex

Of all my collections, my most prized is my vintage Pyrex collection. I love all the patterns they released for everyday kitchen use. I do not however, use any of my Pyrex for everyday kitchen use. I can't risk breaking a piece and ruining a complete pattern set. For instance... you should never ever put vintage Pyrex in the dishwasher. It will ruin the finish.

Understanding that, you can imagine how excited I was to find Vintage Charm... glass mixing bowl sets with designs inspired from vintage Pyrex patterns.

Here are each of the new patterns next to a picture from my collection of the pattern that inspired it.

Spot On was inspired by the New Dots pattern from 1967. New Dots was a classic!

Memory Lane was inspired by the 1964 pattern, Terra. Good move on using brighter colors rather than the brown.

Rise and Shine was inspired by Butterprint from the 1950’s. LOVE the turquoise.

Who didn't have at least one piece of Pyrex with the Butterfly Gold pattern of 1971 in their house growing up? It was the inspiration for Golden Days.

Until I looked at the website I wasn't 100% sure which pattern inspired Birds of a Feather. The website says the Friendship pattern from 1972 was the inspiration. They modernized the birds and switched the colors to black and white.

Tickled Pink was inspired by the 1956’s Daisy pattern. I don't see this one as much. Let's just say this one is more of an "interpretation".

I would love to have a set of these that I can actually use in the kitchen and not worry about breaking one. There are versions that come with lids. What a great birthday present! What?! My birthday isn't for two months? (I like the Rise and Shine pattern best - just in case)

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